Helps us to regenerate the cells damaged by time, sun and environment and Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy is indicated for people who have hair loss prematurely or due to age.

Anti Aging / Aesthetic Medicine

Regenerative Therapy

Facial Rejuvenation

The rejuvenation facial therapy helps us to regenerate cells that have been damaged from age, sun exposure, and the environment by stimulating and generating collagen and elastin to hydrate and firm the skin, restoring a fresh appearance.

The main characteristics of the mesenchymal stem Cells in the rejuvenation facial therapy:

  • • Collagen and elastin cell regeneration and renovation (elasticity and firmness).
  • • Revascularization (increases the blood flow, improving oxygenation and the deposit of nutrients to all tissues).
  • • Anti-inflammatory (scaring processes)

*This therapy is recommended for men and women 35 years and older who are looking mainly for a significant facial, neck and hand improvement.

Hair Growth

Hair treatment with the mesenchymal stem cells is for individuals that present premature or age-related hair loss.

The mesenchymal stem cells regenerate the follicle cells that have been lost or damaged during aging, stimulating stronger hair and offering a healthier and thicker looking hair.

*This therapy is recommended for men and women 35 years and older who are looking for a significant and visual improvement in hair follicle growth.

**In the current state of stem cells research, not all transplants are successful, so the disclosed information shall avoid generating false expectations regarding the scope for the treatment of diseases through stem cells transplant from any source.**

Sanitary License: 17-TR-09-016-0006