Privacy Notice

Privacy Policy revised June 2016.

Responsible for the protection of your personal data:

CLINICA FRANKLIN, S.C., with address in: Cordillera de los Andes No. 115-PB, Col. Lomas de Chapultepec, C.P. 11000, Miguel Hidalgo, Mexico City, is responsible for the treatment of your personal data.

Contact Us
Private Office: CLÍNICA FRANKLIN, S.C.
Address: Cordillera de Los Andes No. 115 – PB, Col. Lomas de Chapultepec, C.P. 11000, Miguel Hidalgo, Mexico City.
Phone: (52-55) 5520.3444

Why do we collect and use your personal information?
Your personal data will be used to the following purposes:
Provide the services and products requested by you via our Electronic Commerce (when available at: and / or by filling out our forms for Customer Registration, Billing Data and / or Shipping Data. We will also inform about changes or new products and / or services related to electronic commerce and / or requested by the customer, as well as to fulfill obligations contracted with our customers, evaluate the quality of the service and / or internal conduct research on consumer habits.

Personal information we obtain and from where?
We may collect your personal data in different ways for the purposes stated in the privacy law:
When you give it to us directly.
When you visit our website or use our services online.
Obtained information from other sources permitted by law.
We collect personal data in different ways; when you visit our website, when you participate in our promotions or give us information requesting a service of ours. Some of the data we obtain can be the following:
Full name
Corporate name (mandatory in the case of being a legal person and requiring an invoice)
R.F.C. (Mexican tax ID) (mandatory for an invoice)
Fiscal address (mandatory for an invoice request)
Zip code (required for invoice)
Shipping Address
Zip code (Shipping Address)
Telephone (10 digits for parcel and / or location delivery)
Cellular phone (10 digits for parcel and / or location delivery)

Sensitive personal data WILL NOT BE REQUESTED:

We inform you that CLINICA FRANKLIN, S.C. Does not use or request sensitive data, details are following:

Sensitive personal data: Personal data that affects the privacy of ​​the user or information that could be used improperly to discriminate or entail a serious risk to the individual. In specific, aspects such as race, ethnicity, present and future health status, genetic information, religion, philosophical and moral beliefs, trade union affiliation, political opinions, and sexual preference are considered sensitive.
NOTE: We reiterate that this data WILL NOT BE REQUESTED by CLINICA FRANKLIN, S.C. at our Website.

How can you limit the use or disclosure of your personal data?
You can stop receiving email messages from our promotions and / or newsletters through the following request: Sent an email to the following address: with Subject: I do not want to receive Promotions and Bulletins to my email. Attach the username (when applicable) and the reason (s) for which you no longer wish to receive the same.

You will be sent an email confirmation verifying the request and confirming your request for quality and trust purposes. For more information, please contact the privacy department:
And please send us your doubts regarding the handling of your information and / or data updates.

Modifications to the privacy notice:
We reserve the right to modify or update this privacy notice at any time, for any new legislation, internal policies or new requirements for our services or products.
These modifications will be open to the public through the following services: visible ads, leaflets or brochures in our establishments or customer service centers, or in the section “Privacy Notice” of our website. We will contact you at the last email that you provided.

Use of cookies and web beacons:

Cookies are text files that are automatically downloaded and stored on the user’s hard drive when navigating on specific internet sites that allow the internet server to save some data about the user, including their preferences for the page display when using that specific server name and password.

Web beacons are images inserted into a web page or email and can be used to monitor the visitor’s behavior, by storing information about user’s IP address, time spent on this page and the type of browser used, among others.

It is the user’s responsibility to know the conditions and where the computer equipment is used taking into account the security constraints in public establishments and computers with public access such as those in cybercafés. Here the user may not know the computer’s configuration of cookies and these could be collecting personal information when using these computers to access our portal.

For example, the following information could be collected:

1.-Internet pages visited.
2.-The links followed.
3.-The sites visited previous to ours.

CLINICA FRANKLIN, S.C., recommends using trusted computers that the user is confident performing specific operations and does not question the use of personal data in different computers. This does not only apply to our portal but for all interaction with any web page or social network that requests personal data, (names, passwords, emails). We promote the creation of a culture and confidence of knowing where, to whom and under what circumstances you can perform secure operations.

To whom can you submit complaints and reports abuse of personal data usage?

If you consider that your right of personal data protection has been violated by our employees conduct, actions or responses or presume that usage of your personal data is in any violation of the provisions established by the Federal Law of Personal Data Protection in possession of individuals, you may take the complaint or report to the IFAI, for more information visit:

Thank you for your trust!