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Stem cells are the foundation to the interdisciplinary field, regenerative medicine, which replaces or regenerates cells, tissues or human organs creating or restoring normal functionality.

Release your stem cells potential

Mesenchymal stem cells are the foundation for the organs and tissue in our body. The numerous types of stem cells come from different parts of our body and develop throughout distinct stages of our lives.

The mesenchymal stem cells have the capacity to differentiate into diverse cell types, self-renewal, self-reproduction, as well as the ability to seek and place itself in recent or chronic lesions. These also can function as immunomodulatory cells, revascularization (increase in blood flow to improve oxygenation and provision of nutrients to tissues and organs), as well as, anti-inflammatory cells (regeneration process).

Benefits of stem cell treatment

Stem cells have the ability to reproduce and differentiate accordingly to the tissue where applied.
Cells can migrate to the area with most inflammation and injury in the body without directly injecting the affected area.
Their immunomodulatory property reduces the areas of inflammation caused by alterations in the immune system.
They have the capacity to create new blood vessels in areas where blockage or damage has affected the circulation.
They can inhibit the formation of scar tissue in damaged organs, securing the organs functionality.

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