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Why Franklin Clinic?

At the Franklin Clinic we stand out for our Integral and Dental medical attention offered by our professional team made up of interdisciplinary specialists who have much experience and who receive constant ongoing training.

Dr. Abraham Franklin Silverstein has dedicated his professional experience in guaranteeing that all our medical treatments meet the highest standards of quality, with support from our team of specialists and the latest technology that Franklin Clinic has within its facilities, creating complete patient satisfaction.

Our team of medical professionals have a great commitment for service and dedication to offering a personalized treatment, respecting the values of quality, honesty and privacy.

Currently we work for quality improvement and patient safety according to the General Health Commission standards. Our goal is to promote constant progression with new technologies and methodologies that help identify areas of improvement within the health services.


Offer comprehensive medical services, regenerative medicine, inpatient aesthetic surgery and integral dentistry with certified medical specialists, based on the latest technologies and quality service.


Be the best private comprehensive medicine and inpatient clinic to offer care, conservation and regenerative medicine for individuals in recovery, health and well-being with certified medical specialists equipped with the finest avantgarde technologies.


All our interdisciplinary team that works with comprehensive medicine is committed to perform with:

  • • Quality
  • • Respect
  • • Honesty
  • • Trust
  • • Confidentiality and Social Responsibility.

Quality Politics

Our quality politics is to be an institution recognized for offering the finest health services, facilitated by our human and physical infrastructure, avantgarde technology, controlled and regulated processes that meet both, national and international standards, guaranteeing patient and family’s safety, trust and satisfaction.

Ethic Code

Our highly trained and competent human workforce is devoted to preserve our patient’s health and life with complete ethical morale and doctor-patient confidentiality. Uphold our values of honesty, discretion, respect and commitment in all doctor-patient relations.